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Shared Services

In order to aid our members in obtaining network-related and above-the-network services that enable them to meet and expand their missions as cost-efficiently as possible, CENIC currently offers the following Shared Services through various contracts and agreements:

For more information, please send e-mail to shared-services@cenic.org.

CENIC Associates who are also members of Internet2* can also take advantage of Internet2 NET+ services. Other CENIC members can obtain these services via an agreement between CENIC and MERIT.

* CENIC Associates who are also members of Internet2 include:

All UC campuses and UCOP
All CSU campuses and CSU Chancellor’s Office
All Charter private universities (Caltech, Stanford, USC)
Carnegie Mellon University West, Naval Postgraduate School, Pepperdine University

** CENIC VoIP Services in collaboration with AT&T is consistent with the terms of the original VoIP Services RFP released by CENIC in February, 2011. CENIC members interested in additional information are invited to contact Githinji Miricho at gmiricho@cenic.org.

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