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Envisioning the Future of CENIC at the Twentieth Anniversary Conference

REGIONS: California, Western Region, National, International

CENIC’s 2017 conference, The Right Connection: CENIC 2.0, will be held March 19–22, and will bring together industry leaders in education, research and technology, and arts and culture to learn, listen, discuss, and network. Participants will deepen their understanding of existing communities and discover ways to build new communities that transcend education segments.  Attendees will share insights and opinions during the conference program, as well as in informal networking settings—all of which will take place in remarkable and beautiful conference venues, including Calit2’s Qualcomm Institute and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego.

The conference marks CENIC’s 20th anniversary of connecting California to the world. Conference attendees will contemplate, discuss, and make plans for the next 20 years of innovation in research and education. Participants come from all levels of education, public and private research universities, public libraries, science and performing arts centers, private sector technology businesses, and city, county, and state government sectors. California attendees will be joined by colleagues from around the globe, all of whom are leaders and visionaries in research and education.

“The conference provides an opportunity for our community to shape the future while immersed in an environment that makes possible our hopes for the future. It is the best place to be to understand how information technology can impact the future across disciplines. Ideas shared at the conference will spark conversations and collaborative projects across sectors, and inform the next 20 years of our joint work,” notes CEO and President Louis Fox.


Areas of work critical to the future of CENIC and to the communities it serves will be explored at the conference, including:

  • Fostering global scientific and cultural exchange.
  • Providing a platform for research on issues that know no geographic boundaries, such as health and climate change.